August 2023 Recap

August 2023

August 2023 Recap

Coach Lawrence kicked off the school year with the all-new Huddle Subscription on the My BRAND App! He sent a spark into students with the first PUSH Monday of the school year titled “No Time Like Now”! Each week, the subscribers’ engagement improved through the live Huddle Session and Locker Room Talk every Wednesday! Week 1 was “What Are Your Habits Saying About You,” Week 2 was “Be Comfortable Being You,” Week 3 was “Stop Negotiating With Your Goals,” and he ended Week 4 with “I Felt Like Giving Up.”

Listen, you are missing out if you still haven’t downloaded the My BRAND app and jumped on the Huddle Subscription! The Huddle Subscription is necessary for every Middle, High, and College student! Get the app today because September is coming, and Coach Lawrence has precisely what you need to get you through the challenging moments in life, move you toward your goals, and motivate and inspire you to understand that you are more than this world believes you can be! Be sure to Tap In with us next month!

Let’s get it!!!

Speaking Locations

  • July 31st – Grayson Cluster Faculty & Staff – “Ringside”
  • Aug 1st – Craig Elementary Faculty & Staff – “You Were Chosen”
  • Aug 11 – Sheriff’s Cup Invitational – “Who & What You’re Connected To”