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Time Out With


This Podcast is scheduled to be released Tuesday, March 26 at 7pm. The show will air on YouTube every 4th Tuesday at 7pm on our YouTube channel @youareabrand.

Time Outs are normally reserved for athletic events. It’s a quick opportunity for the coach to gather their team, quickly give instructions, reorganize a plan, or just encourage and motivate them in the midst of adversity. That’s the purpose of the Time Out with Coach Lawrence. He’s giving everyone a Time Out. It’s a show built for students in middle school - college, and anyone who is connected to the molding and shaping of those students. Individuals like parents, educators, coaches, and those alike. Coach Lawrence will cover everything from our education system, topics surrounding student-athletes, mental and emotional health, parenting, faith, and even the hard stuff that nobody wants to dive into. There are going to be moments you don’t want to miss! Be sure to tune into Time Out with Coach Lawrence on the My BRAND YouTube Channel!