October 2023 Recap

October 2023

October 2023 Recap

Coach Lawrence hit the spot this month through the Huddle Subscription on the My BRAND App!!! Each week was filled with engaging, relatable, and inspiring content. He kicked off with PUSH Monday with “You Are More Than Enough”. Locker Room Week 1 he kicked it off heavy with “The Microwave Mentality”. That one is a must listen! Week 2 it was “Stop Giving Power to Your Circumstances”. Another must listen! Week 3 was “Who and What Are You Connected To”. Week 4 Coach Lawrence ended with “Take the Moment and Make it Perfect”.

During the Live Huddle Session, Coach Lawrence dealt with “The Fear of Failure” with the students. There were some great questions and engagement by the students. Every student walked away understanding that the fear of failure is real for all of us, but we can’t allow it to be the thing that prevents us from getting started and capturing everything we want for ourselves. Don’t keep missing out! Download the My BRAND App today and get your Huddle Subscription. There isn’t a Middle, High, or College Student that should be without it!

Let’s go!!!

Speaking Locations

  • September 30th – Boys to Men Tour Youth Empowerment Conference – “The Real Competition”